Allen's Adventure

Bicycling cross country for the Lance Armstrong Foundation

Technical Stuff

On this page I will share information on my bike and the equipment that I am using on the trip.  Hopefully I will be sharing happy news and not boring you with daily stories of ‘another flat tire’. 

My Bike

A 2006 Serotta Coeur d’Acier (Heart of Steel).  This is a great bike.  The best and most expensive bike I have ever owned.  The white center triangle is made of custom steel while the black front and rear struts are made of carbon fiber.  This bike was custom made to my body size, flexiblity and weight.  It is a joy to ride. 

Bike Shop – Trek of Kansas CIty

Grouppo – SRAM Force with compact chain rings.

Pedals – LOOK Keo carbon

Handlebars – Bontrager

Areobars – Profile

Seat – Fizik Aliante carbon

Seat Post – Thompson Elite

Wheels – Bontager Race Lite  ( Rolf Vector Pro spare set)

Luggage Trunk – Bontrager Interchange

Tires – Vredestein Fortezza Tricomp

Tubes – Bontrager & Continental

Shoes – Specialized Pro

Bike Computer/HR – Polar 600

Shorts – DeMarchi Countour Plus Bibs

Jerseys – a selection of LiveStrong Challenge jerseys I have aquired through the years

Sunglasses – Dual Vision

Helmet – Rudy Project

GPS – SPOT Satellite Peronal Tracker (Special thanks to Dempsey Yearry for donating the SPOT Tracker)

Nutrition – Hammer Nutrition (Sustained Energy, Recoverrite, Hammer Bars, Hammer Gel, Endurolytes, Race Caps, Premium Insurance Caps)

Bike Clubs – Kansas City Metro Bicycle Club
Adventure Cycling
Fast Old Guys of Kansas City (FOG)
CatForty (where it all began)

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