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Bicycling cross country for the Lance Armstrong Foundation

My Story

My name is Allen.  I live in Kansas with my wife Cheri.  I have loved riding bicycles since I was a kid growing up in Pennsylvania.  But I’m not a kid anymore.  My kids, Lindsay and Laura, are married and starting families of their own.  We have one granddaughter, Kaya, who is just 8 months old.

Although I am not a kid anymore, I still love to ride my bike.  Even now, cycling reminds me of the freedom, adventure and self-reliance I felt when I was just a kid on my first bike ride around the block.  I’ve cycled seriously for many years even competing in the local Senior Olympics events.  I’ve ridden in several states around the country.  I’ve even ridden to the top of Mt Evans in Colorado and Alpe d’Huez in France.  But for years, I’ve had a dream to ride across the country under my own power. My step-dad, before he passed, encouraged me to do it.  Riding cross country takes a lot of time and planning and we were busy raising our family and managing our career, so the dream stayed just a dream for all these years.  I’ve never tried anything like this before, but I am always eager for a challenge.  So, here I go! 

Thanks to many variables all coming together I have been able to plan my trip across the eastern half of the country this year.  Because I’ve worked for 15 years at Cerner Corporation I have been rewarded with  a 4 week Long Term Service Award (aka sabbatical).   Four weeks should give me enough time to ride to Yorktown and have a few days to relax with my wife before flying home.  I will be following the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail maps provided by Adventure Cycling Association which will take me across the colorful back roads of our country instead of the busy interstates.  Maybe sometime after I retire, I will find the time and energy to ride the western half of the country but for now, I have one goal in mind: Yorktown!

For the past 11 years I have supported the Lance Armstrong Foundation by cycling in the LiveStrong Challenge event and earning contributions from friends and family.  This year I wanted to do something special, so in addition to riding in Austin in October, I am riding my bike 1300 miles, from Overland Park, Kansas to Yorktown, Virginia to bring attention to the Lance Armstrong Foundation and earn donations for the 2012 LiveStrong Challenge.

Although I am riding alone on this trip, thanks to my friends and family, I will never really be alone.  I will have a support team with me every day.  I plan to ride about 70 miles each day, which will allow me to spend some restful off-bike hours in the communities at the end of each day.  I will be staying at motels each night, so I won’t have to carry camping equipment.  Each support team driver will be with me for about 1 week and they will carry my spare clothes and equipment and drive to the next town to find our next motel.  We will touch base throughout the day to make sure we are on schedule and on course.  My support team members will each have plenty of time for a close up and personal view of the back roads of America.  Something we’ve never found time to do over the past decades as we traveled on the super highways that criss-cross our land.

My all-star support team, Team Tally Ho, is made up of John Cebuhar, Peter Wuttke and Cheryl Wuttke.

  • Week 1
    • John Cebuhar, my best friend from college, offered to join me for the ride across Missouri.  John and I go back a long way!  In 1971 John bought an old GMC school bus and we traveled the southwest together.  We’ve been waiting 40 years for this, our next road trip.  Huge thanks to Jo for letting John join the team.
  • Weeks 2 & 3
    • My brother Pete will join me as we travel across Kentucky.  Pete recently retired and he jumped at the chance to join in this cross country adventure.  Pete plans to spend his free time visiting special sites along the way and drawing whatever catches his eye.  Huge thanks to Harlene for letting Pete join the team.
  • Week 4
    • My wife Cheri will be joining me for the last few days.  She will fly to Baltimore, rent a car and meet me in eastern Virginia.  Hopefully I will be on or ahead of schedule so we can spend some quiet time in a nice B & B or two.  Thanks Cheri for letting me take this crazy trip and for joining me for the final days. 

 I hope you will enjoy these retellings of some of some of my previous cycling adventures:

I am not doing this trip just for me.  No, it is a chance for me to help spread the word about the Lance Armstrong Foundation and all the good work that they do for cancer victims, survivors and families.  Like many of you, my family has been directly impacted by cancer.  My father died of cancer in 1977 and my brother Pete is a survivor of throat cancer.  Our dear friends, Sharon, Rachel and Dianne have been lost to cancer.  I celebrate with Jim, Barry Kristen, John and others, who are cancer survivors and who cherish and live each day to the fullest.  Please join me in supporting the Lance Armstrong Foundation by following this link to make your donation to this worthy cause.

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  1. Keith Wuttke on May 26, 2012 at 9:23 am said:

    You Go Al! We’re all proud of You!

  2. Bruce Wilkerson on August 27, 2012 at 6:27 pm said:

    very cool!!!

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